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Have you ever caught yourself sitting at a stop light daydreaming then suddenly someone behind you honks the horn that the light already turned green?  Hypnosis is very similar.  Its a daydreaming like state where your mind is very open to suggestion.  The mind, when in trance, feels absorbed in a zone, lost in thought and is in a state similar very similar to meditation.  Meditation is actually the closest state to trance.

You sit comfortably reclined in an easy chair in a softly lit office. As you listen to your hypnotherapist with your eyes closed, you find your body relaxing more and more. Guided by the calm and confident voice, you allow your mind to let go and turn inward. You drowsily notice a mildly curious floating sensation in your body, as if you are not really sitting in the chair anymore, but rather floating – in the air, or in water. The voice talking to you gradually becomes more distant, and you even find yourself forgetting that it is there… but somehow the soothing voice continues to affect you, gently and almost automatically. As you relax even further, your awareness of where you are, why you are there, and who is speaking to you, recedes into the back of your mind. You just content yourself with effortlessly allowing the voice to act on you, and with enjoying this state of profound relaxation and deep calm… You are having a typical hypnosis experience.

During hypnosis:

  • Your eyes are closed
  • You are not moving, but resting — comfortably relaxed
  • Your breathing slows down and most of your muscles become relaxed
  • Blood pressure safely drops
  • The sense of where you are becomes blurred
  • Passage of time is distorted
  • You feel a pleasant, almost euphoric peaceful state
  • Your mind becomes open to all things — the conscious mind drops its barriers to change
  • The Hypnotherapist guides you to visualize the changes you desire
  • At Meridian Peak Hypnosis, we recommend bringing a blanket for additional warmth and comfort while relaxing in our heated anti-gravity chair.  The anti-gravity chair has no pressure points which allows you to sit back and really relax.

Hypnosis is very relaxing, almost like taking a nap.  The difference is you’re guided to experience change during the hypnotic trance.  No one can be hypnotized against their will and it only works if you agree to let it happen.  Its a journey that begins with saying “yes” to yourself.

You’re ready to make the change you desire and deserve in your life!
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