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Our Well-Being Depends on Always Growing

4 ways to improve without medication therapy

Hypnosis is a powerful tool to give a ‘way out’ for what does not work and most importantly: replace with what does work. Meridian Peak Hypnosis works with clients worldwide. Schedule your appointment online today.

Personal growth and advancement depend on change and improvement, which are fundamental to both our personal and professional life. Making changes and improvements can result in a life that is more satisfying and rewarding, whether they be minor adjustments or big life changes.

Benefits of Change and Improvement

One of the primary benefits of change and improvement is that they help us break out of our comfort zones. When we become too comfortable in our routines, we can become stagnant and complacent, which can prevent us from reaching our full potential. By embracing change and seeking to improve ourselves, we open ourselves up to new experiences and opportunities that can help us grow and develop.

Fast-Track, Rapid Ways to Change and Grow

#1 – Hypnosis
In our first seven years of life, we acquired our programs in this manner. The mind is functioning at a low vibratory frequency similar to hypnosis during this time. We do this twice daily, immediately before going to sleep and right before waking up, when we are in the highly receptive theta state.

#2 – Repeat, Repeat, Repeat
After age 7, repetition and the development of “habits” are the main ways we pick up subconscious programs. Sticky notes on the mirror cannot be the only solution. This needs to be felt and realized. If we are suffering a lot of opposition to what we want, doing this could be challenging. Remember that repetition and habit formation go hand in hand. Practice, practice, practice!

#3 – Superlearning
New belief modification programs that activate the brain’s super-learning mechanisms enable quick program changes. Hypnosis past age 7 is one of the forms of Superlearning.

#4 – Significant Events With Big Impact
After an overwhelming or psychologically traumatic life experience (such as being told they have a terminal illness), a person can quickly rewrite programs.

Meridian Peak Hypnosis Helps Create New Patterns and Outcomes

Hypnosis works directly with the subconscious mind which regulates automated behaviors, actions and reactions. This is the part of your mind that does things on auto pilot without thinking. Hypnosis gives a ‘way out’ for what does not serve you and most importantly: replaces with new behaviors, actions and reactions that help you to learn, grow and create positive outcomes.

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