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Group Hypnosis for New Years Abundance

Tuesday, 1/12/2016: 7-9pm – Group Hypnosis Session
The Ruah Center – 1110 N. Washington St., Naperville, IL  60563
Presented by Meridian Peak Hypnosis
To reserve your spot, call (630) 686-2626 or e-mail: [email protected]
Walk-Ins Welcome!

abundance freedom manifest law of attraction LOA

Use the power of hypnosis to increase your feelings of abundance and freedom. Hypnosis helps you reframe your thoughts and words so they attract the purest forms of abundance to you.

This group hypnosis session helps you connect to your higher self and the power of abundance.

Fill yourself with new possibilities and the positive mental and emotional energies to achieve your full potential in all areas of your life.  Clear your subconscious of limiting negative beliefs and empower your positive creative abilities to manifest the life you desire and deserve.

Overcome obstacles, see them as lessons and remove any self-sabotaging patterns which may hinder your progress toward abundance.

Hypnosis opens the door to abundance in its purest form.

This group hypnosis session is designed for all levels.  No previous experience is required.  If you’ve never experienced hypnosis before this is a great way to get introduced to its amazing abilities to help improve your life.

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Reserve your spot today by calling (630) 686-2626 or by emailing [email protected] with the names of who will be coming. This is a great opportunity to share an experience with a family member or friend.

We look forward to seeing you at this group hypnosis event.  Walk-Ins are welcome!