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Codependent Behavior Can Feel Comfortable and Later Become Unhealthy

therapy to eliminate codependent behavior

Hypnosis is a very powerful tool to reduce and/or eliminate unhealthy codependency. Meridian Peak works with clients worldwide.

Connecting with another human being is something that is both healthy and necessary for everyone. Sometimes how we engage with each other can grow too tightly knit and become unhealthy. Breaking these patterns and habits can seem difficult.

Codependent Signs – Are You Codependent?

Codependent personalities usually follow a pattern that are consistent, cause problems and directly interfere with emotional health and feeling safe and fulfilled in a relationship:

• Having difficulty making decisions without the other person
• Having trouble communicating
• Valuing the approval of others. more than valuing yourself
• Lacking trust in yourself
• Feeling like you have poor self esteem without the other person
• Having fears of abandonment
• Obsessive needs for approval
• Overblown feelings of responsibility for how others act

Hypnosis Helps You Reduce and/or Eliminate Being Codependent

Hypnosis works directly with your subconscious mind which is the automated part of you that does things and feels things without thinking. In the hypnotic state we help you release connections to codependence and replace them with feelings of safety, confidence and self advocacy. The hypnotic process is extremely helpful in releasing the old habit of codependency and most importantly: replacing codependency with thoughts, habits and feelings that do serve you.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool to reduce and eliminate the need to be codependent.

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