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Join Us for Body and Mind Healing Hypnosis on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wednesday, 11/18: 7-9pm – Body and Mind Healing (with Renata Bulanda)
The Ruah Center – 1110 N. Washington St., Naperville, IL  60563
Presented by Meridian Peak Hypnosis
To reserve your spot, call (630) 686-2626 or e-mail: [email protected]
Walk-Ins Welcome!

group hypnosis healing body mind

Join Meridian Peak Hypnosis at the Ruah Center in Naperville for Body & Mind Healing Group Hypnosis.

This group hypnosis session helps you channel the power of your subconscious mind to bring about healing and change.  The body is designed to heal itself.  Your body is equipped with natural self-repair mechanisms that are under the influence of thoughts, feelings and beliefs that originate in your mind.

Your body knows how to kill poisonous cells, fix broken proteins, slow aging, eliminate toxins, fight infections and the like to keep you healthy.  Dis-ease manifests because these self-repair mechanisms fail to function properly.

Hypnosis helps accelerate and enhance healing of all forms of pain and concern.  We will discuss how the body manifests pain and how understanding that process provides a pathway to healing and recovery.

This group hypnosis session includes healing from all kinds of symptoms and/or pain including: physical pain, emotional pain, migraines, asthma, hypertension, IBS, cancer recovery and more.

This group hypnosis session is designed for anyone who has not experienced hypnosis before to those who have experienced individual sessions with a practitioner.

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