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Childhood Issues and Experiences Can Be Very Limiting as an Adult

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Childhood issues can hold you back from enjoying the present. Hypnosis helps you learn from what happened in the past and move forward with new and exciting opportunities.

Childhood issues can come to the surface quickly – especially as an adult where so much is measured and judged both by yourself and others.

The subconscious mind has two main functions – automatic body operations and storage of all perceptions, experiences, impressions and memories from the moment we are born.  Memories, positive or negative are all filed away. Most people forget (or would like to forget) that belief systems started in childhood and many times at this age we assign a different meaning to it than what we would like to as an adult. The subconscious mind is very powerful and creates emotion driven by these old experiences.

If you’ve ever found yourself reacting to a situation and later realizing it was because of something that happened when you were a child, this is a key indicator. Many times our ‘fight or flight’ mechanism kicks in and we do not come to the realization until the moment has passed.

Signs Childhood Issues Are Affecting You as an Adult

Some signs that childhood issues are affecting your present life include:

• Chronic feelings of insecurity
• Chronic depression
• Decreased self-esteem
• Decreased self-love
• Feelings of loss of control over life
• Isolation
• Obsessive thinking
• Intrusive thoughts interfering with what you logically know is right
• Intrusive, debilitating anxiety
• Trouble at work
• Challenges relating to others
• Marital issues

The Subconscious Mind is the Problem and the Solution

All of these issues are stored in the subconscious mind.  The good news is the subconscious mind is also the solution to the problem and hypnosis is the tool to access it. Meridian Peak practitioners access your subconscious mind and help you to find a solution to the old problem, see it as a learning experience and know that you are safe from it in the present. We also help by introducing new suggestions into the subconscious mind about how you are happy, healthy and free to move forward and create new patterns.

Hypnosis is proven more effective than traditional counseling

In a study in American Health Magazine, hypnosis and hypnotherapy have a 93% success rate compared with lower results from other methods of therapy which require far more sessions.  Click here to learn more about hypnosis and its high success rate.

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