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Children are being harmed by stress, just like their parents

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Many parents are affected by stress so much that they become numb to the stress of others — especially their children. Hypnosis creates an opening to address stress in a 100% safe and natural way without the harmful side effects of prescription medication.

The American Psychological Association sponsors the Stress in America Survey and it is no surprise that people of all ages are increasingly under more and more stress. The most troubling result of the survey are parents do not seem to be aware of the impact of stress on their children.

Quoting the American Psychological Association:

“Parents’ responses about sources of stress for their children were out of sync with what children reported as sources of worry. Children were more likely to say they worried about their family’s financial difficulties than parents were to say this was a source of stress for their children (30 percent vs. 18 percent of parents). In general, children also were more likely to report having experienced physical symptoms often associated with stress than parents were to say their children experienced these symptoms.”

Survey results from the American Psychological Association show:

• Tweens (30 percent) and teens (42 percent) say they get headaches vs. 13 percent of parents
• Tweens (39 percent) and teens (49 percent) cite difficulty sleeping vs. 13 percent of parents
• Tweens (27 percent) and teens (39 percent) report eating too much or too little vs. 8 percent of parents.

Survey results show that close to half of American teens are showing somatic symptoms of stress (headache, sleep issues and eating problems). And of the kids reporting these issues, less than 1/3 of their parents are aware of their child’s suffering. Why? Their parents are even more stressed than their kids and show even more signs of body dysfunction.

Adults are not immune to stress and their children sense and react to their stress

Many adults say they’ve felt the physical effects of stress in the last 30 days:

• 7 percent of all adults report that they have lain awake at night;
• 45 percent report irritability or anger;
• 43 percent report fatigue;
• 34 percent report headaches;
• 34 percent report feeling depressed or sad; and
• 27 percent report upset stomach or indigestion as a result of stress.

Feeling stressed makes you numb

When the body is stressed, we become unable to see the stress in others and the body begins to break down including pain, tiredness, anxiousness, sleepless evenings and not eating well. When the body is in this state, your body becomes numb in trying to cope with these feelings and sensing what your body needs at the moment to heal is difficult, if not impossible. This is why you tend to see stressed individuals making bad choices or using substances (drugs, alcohol, food, sugar, etc.) trying to cope, when in fact the substance can make the situation worse.

When the body is numb from stress, the body begins to breakdown

When the body’s sense is numbed, it leads to a breakdown of the body’s overall functions at a cellular level. Without the body sensing itself accurately, the restorative and growth functions of the body cease to work and we go into a physiological state of emergency which serves as an invitation for all kinds of disease and dysfunction to enter and infect. Because the body’s sense is numb, we don’t even know how sick we are until a major health crisis. Many times this comes in the form of a heart attack, high blood pressure, cancer, chronic fatigue or mental illness.

Hypnosis is a tool to get stress under control

Slowing your mind and body down, being present to feelings and sensations is the way to combat stress. Hypnosis helps your mind (and therefore your body) to relax, slow down and see things in a whole new light. Meridian Peak practitioners help you to re-frame stressful thoughts and situations so you process life’s challenges in a whole new way.

Hypnosis is proven more effective than traditional counseling

In a study in American Health Magazine, hypnosis and hypnotherapy have a 93% success rate compared with lower results from other methods of therapy which require far more sessions.  Click here to learn more about hypnosis and its high success rate.

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