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What Is Claustrophobia?

claustrophobia hypnosis

Claustrophobia can be addressed using the power of hypnosis. Easy online scheduling available 24x7x365. 100% natural.

Claustrophobia is a fear of enclosed spaces.  The severity and effects varies widely from person to person.

Typically everyone suffers symptoms in small rooms, crowds, planes and other similar situations.  Some people with claustrophobia are uncomfortable in any situation where they feel restrained which can make traveling in any way more difficult.

Symptoms of Claustrophobia

People who suffer with claustrophobia may sweat, shake, gasp for air, feel dizzy, cry and experience heart palpitations.  If the feelings become overwhelming, they may try to get out and away as quickly as possible with little regard for how that is accomplished.

Claustrophobia can severely limit a person’s life, causing them to miss out on events that to many are part of normal everyday living such as parties, events, going to the movies, etc.  For some, it can add extra strain onto relationships as it can also affect other family members as well as interfere with one’s love life.

Claustrophobia is a Reversible Condition

We weren’t born with claustrophobia — you learned to respond in this way.  Something happened to make you feel and respond the way you do, and the fear was probably created to protect you in some way.  The fact that you learned it means you have the capability to unlearn it.

Through Hypnotherapy we work to release negative emotions so you can take control and begin to live again.

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