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Mask Wearing Can Feel More Comfortable and Natural

feel comfortable wearing a mask

Hypnosis is a powerful tool to help you feel more comfortable wearing a protective mask. Meridian Peak Hypnosis works with clients worldwide.

Coronavirus created an immediate need for wearing masks to prevent the spread of droplets that spread infection. As the COVID-19 situation progresses and our government begins contemplating and moving forward with re-opening businesses, wearing a mask is a primary form of protection in preventing droplets from others in reaching your nose and mouth. Wearing a mask also allows you the freedom of movement to crucial destinations such as school, work, the grocery store, pharmacy or being able to see or check-in on loved ones.

Eliminate Feelings of Claustrophobia

For some wearing a mask can cause discomfort or feelings of claustrophobia as it is a device they’ve never had to wear before. This is not at all uncommon. While these feelings or discomfort can happen, they can prevent you from performing critical tasks.

Wearing a Protective Mask is Very Valuable in the Era of Coronavirus and COVID-19

Wearing a mask in the era of Coronavirus and COVID-19 has never been more valuable:

• Increase your own safety
• Increase the safety of others
• Help bring the pandemic to an end sooner
• Being able to provide assistance to others
• Be able to access places like work, school, the grocery store or pharmacy
• Feel safer around others in general while social distancing

Hypnosis Helps You Feel More Comfortable Wearing a Protective Mask

Hypnosis works with your powerful subconscious mind which regulates automated behaviors and reactions. By working directly with this part of your mind that controls the automated nature of you, we can remove the barriers to wearing a mask and replace them with feeling comfortable with the mask and seeing great benefits to the mask being on your body.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool to help you feel more comfortable wearing a face mask for your safety and protection.

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