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Emotional Exhaustion Can Have Serious Health Implications

emotional exhaustion

Hypnosis is a powerful tool to naturally move away from feeling emotionally exhausted. Meridian Peak Hypnosis works with clients worldwide.

When people experience emotional exhaustion, it can make them feel emotionally drained, overwhelmed, and fatigued. These feelings tend to build up over a long period, though people may not notice the early warning signs.

Emotional exhaustion can have significant impacts on a person’s everyday life, relationships, and behavior.

Emotional Exhaustion Defined

Emotional exhaustion is when someone experiences excessive stress, anxiety or depression that affects their physical and mental well-being.

Here are some warning signs of emotional exhaustion:

Feeling easily irritated – short-fused, hot temper responses to simple things can happen without thinking
Feeling completely unmotivated – even to do things you would normally enjoy
• Experiencing anxiety or panic attacks – the body begins having shortness of breath and an overwhelming feeling
Having trouble sleeping – either taking hours to fall asleep or having problems staying asleep
Having little to no patience – being short with loved ones, friends and colleagues
Experiencing indigestion – feelings of a low-grade stomach ache constantly or like there are butterflies in your stomach that won’t go away
Crying unexpectedly – out of nowhere you begin crying and may not know why
Feeling detached from reality – going through days without emotionally responding or connecting to anything or anyone. Feeling empty.

The risk of emotional exhaustion increases for those who work in a job they do not like, works long hours or feels a lack of control of their work or home situation. Anyone with emotional exhaustion can experience poor self-care, feel lonely and socially withdraw from those that can help.

Hypnosis is a Powerful Tool to Reduce and End Emotional Exhaustion

Hypnosis works directly with your subconscious mind which is the automated part of you that does things and feels things without thinking. In the hypnotic state we help you release connections to codependence and replace them with feelings of safety, confidence and self advocacy. The hypnotic process is extremely helpful in releasing thought processes that lead to emotional exhaustion and most importantly: replacing them with thoughts, habits and feelings that do serve you.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool to reduce and eliminate emotional exhaustion.

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