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Diabetes has a serious, immediate impact on your health

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Following a diabetic diet can be difficult. Hypnosis is a way to reduce cravings and irritability. Meridian Peak Hypnosis works with clients of all ages to deal with their diabetic diet. Our practitioners work with you to enjoy foods that follow a diabetic diet as well as reduce cravings for foods that are not helpful.

Diabetics know more than anyone what happens when you stray from your diet — feeling down, low energy and vital stats that can become dangerous.  Following a diabetic diet is more important than ever — it can mean the difference between life and death in some cases.

The Diabetic Diet Is Strict

Following the diet plan for a diabetic can be challenging — especially at first.  Many become diabetic as the result of poor eating habits, and transitioning to a strict diet just to maintain everyday living is a struggle.  The amount of sugar you can consume can be drastically different which can affect your irritability, mood, sleep habits, as well as the relationships of those around you.

Hypnosis helps you focus on the diabetic diet without such a struggle

While in the hypnotic state, a Meridian Peak Hypnotherapist will implant suggestions in your subconscious mind that tell your mind and body the diet helps you improve your health and live a longer life.  We will also give suggestions that tell your mind that previously consumed sugars and salty foods impact your life negatively and you no longer have an interest in them.

Our minds are very powerful and by speaking directly to the subconscious mind, we direct it to change.  Most of our diabetic clients report their ability to eat the right foods is significantly better after hypnotherapy.  They see other foods they used to consume as simply something that is there but they do not interest them.  The amount of struggling to eat the right foods goes down to near zero as a result of hypnosis as therapy.

Hypnosis is proven more effective than traditional counseling

In a study in American Health Magazine, hypnosis and hypnotherapy have a 93% success rate compared with lower results from other methods of therapy which require far more sessions.  Click here to learn more about hypnosis and its high success rate.

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