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himalayan salt lamp benefits

Meridian Peak Hypnosis uses multiple Himalayan salt lamps in our office for their many benefits and features that help our clients.

Meridian Peak Hypnosis & Himalayan Salt Lamps

Meridian Peak Hypnosis uses Himalayan Salt Lamps in our offices.  Each office has three lamps — one large salt lamp is near the relaxation chair and there are two on the other side of the room at different elevations.  Salt lamps are powered on in the office during hypnosis sessions, warming the salt and releasing its purifying nutrients into the air.  The lamps purify the air, remove negative energy and help increase the natural health and healing of our clients.  We have clients that come in from time to time with colds, however the salt lamps keep the air clean to protect both our clients and our hypnotherapy practitioners.

History of Himalayan Salt

The Himalayan Mountains formed over the course of millions of years when continental collision between the Indo-Australian Plate and Eurasian Plate lifted the sea floor and trapped portions of the ancient oceans within these mountain ranges.  As the ancient oceans separated and dried up, they left significant brine deposits that became buried within the Earth.  Deep within these numerous pockets were troves of ancient treasures and the origin for Himalayan salt lamps became apparent.

Himalayan Salt Lamps as an Air Purifier

Himalayan Salt Lamps act as an air purifier by emitting a stream of negative ions.  These negative ions bind to positively charged dust particles that oppress the negative ions to the ground leaving the air fresh.  Through this cycle, salt lamps are helpful in alleviating stress, increasing energy reserves and rejuvenating individuals from head to toe.

Features of Himalayan salt lamps include:

Breathe Easy:  Salt lamps work as an air purifier by removing bacteria, dust, allergens, smoke and mold from the air
Natural Health and Healing:  Salt lamps naturally work to prevent airborne bacteria from entering the body through inhalation.  They are known to help with the treatment of asthma, colds, allergies and sinus conditions.
Reduces Stress and Depression:  Salt lamps have a relaxing glow that effortlessly reduce stress and depression by providing an uplifting charge of energy.
Feng Shui:  Salt lamps are visually appealing and calming.  They can assist in opening blocked energy and replacing it with good and clean vitality.
Offsets Radiation:  In a world overcome with technology, salt lamps help counter harmful radiation and energies from computers, hardware and other electronic devices.
Sleep Easier:  Our bodies heal best when resting and with their warm orange glow, salt lamps function as an ideal night light by creating a soothing and tranquil atmosphere for sleep and relaxation.
Works Great for People With Sensitive Scent:  Salt lamps have no discernible odor.

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