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Meridian Peak Hypnosis was a featured guest on Healthy Living with Eric Su.  The audio of the interview is below.

Learn how hypnosis can be a powerful therapeutic tool to reduce stress, fear, anxiety and improve anything in your life.

Meridian Peak Hypnosis works with clients ages 5 and up in our offices in Naperville, IL and we also do online sessions via Skype for anyone from around the world.  Evening and weekend appointments are available.

For more information about Meridian Peak Hypnosis visit our web site at: www.meridianpeakhypnosis.com or call (630) 686-2626 for more information.  Online scheduling for appointments are available at:  http://www.meridianpeakhypnosis.com/naperville-hypnosis-hypnotherapy-scheduling/

The 60 Minutes video on sugar referenced in the interview is located at:

Eric Su is a Healthy Living Expert for people who want head turning bodies, an enriched mind and fulfilled life.  His workouts and fitness tips have been featured in Obstacle Race Training Bible and his fans call him a “fitness solution man.”  You can learn more about Eric Su at:  http://www.ericwsu.com/

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