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Hypnosis is closer and more accessible than you ever imagined!

In-Office or Online – The Results Are The Same

You can achieve your goals with a hypnosis practitioner either in their office or online — the process and amazing outcomes are the same.

We offer hypnosis:

In our office in the Chicago area
Online worldwide via Skype/FaceTime/Zoom

Our online scheduling system is the fastest way to schedule an appointment 24×7. The system walks you through the entire process. Click here to select your practitioner and select a time.

Hypnosis Helps In So Many Ways

There are so many ways hypnosis can help. Click here for comprehensive list of all the ways hypnosis can help you improve.

Consultations are always free via phone. We can also meet with you in-person or online if it helps you feel more comfortable with the process. Contact us at (630) 686-2626 ext. 2 to connect with one of our practitioners or send us an e-mail.

Our Practice Has Extensive Experience Working With Clients Remotely

Many of our clients are from around the world. While we have never met them in-person, they achieved the same amazing outcomes as the clients we have met in-person. Our practice worked with clients remotely long-before the Covid pandemic and we have extensive experience working with clients worldwide.

We encourage you to explore our web site to learn more about hypnosis, our practitioners, the process and to schedule your appointment. We have helped thousands of clients achieve their goals and we are confident you will join our success list too!

You're Ready to Schedule Your Appointment

We can work with you in-office, via phone, via Google Meet or via Apple Facetime worldwide. Scheduling is fast and easy online. We are happy to answer questions at anytime by calling our office or send an e-mail to: questions@meridianpeakhypnosis.com.

Our Practitioners Are Committed To Your Success - Click to Schedule

Marc Holm, CHt

Clients ages 14 & up
Initial Visit (In-Office)
Follow-Up Visit (In-Office)
Initial Visit (Online Only)
Follow-Up Visit (Online Only)
Jodi Grubman, CH

Clients ages 16 & up
Initial Visit (In-Office)
Follow-Up Visit (In-Office)
Initial Visit (Online Only)
Follow-Up Visit (Online Only)

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