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Safety is Our #1 Priority During Your Visit

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Safety is our first priority at Meridian Peak Hypnosis

Safety is a key consideration when considering allowing Hypnotherapy to help make needed changes. Many people believe hypnosis is a means of taking away control, but in fact it is actually a way of enhancing control over perceptions such as pain, anxiety, habits, stress and depression. While in hypnosis, the client is guided into a trance-like state where the subconscious mind is accessed and new ideas are implanted. In the therapeutic arm of hypnosis (aka, hypnotherapy), the “you are getting sleepy” with a swinging pocket watch is simply not the case.

Dr. Andrew Weil, a physician and leading expert in integrative medicine, says hypnosis is safe and effective. Weil says he’s seen most benefit in people with stress-related skin conditions, GI issues, autoimmune diseases and for kicking bad habits like smoking. “I think it has been tainted by its association with stage hypnosis,” Weil says.

Many clients come to Meridian Peak Hypnosis with ideas about hypnosis from the movies or from a stage show they may have seen. Our Hypnotherapists take the time to explain and squash any myths that come from these experiences early during your visit.

Free will is your mind’s safety mechanism

The human mind is wired with a safety mechanism called free will. If you were told in hypnosis something that is not realistic, does not align with your values or in general is something you are not willing to accept, the mind simply throws the idea out. This is why the discussion the Hypnotherapist has with you before the session begins is so important — we only enhance the ideas you are willing to embrace and what you are willing to change. Anything else the mind simply throws out.

Your mind is actually very powerful and always has its safety mechanism in the ON position, even if you are asleep or cannot hear what the Hypnotherapist says.

“Will I fall asleep?  Will I hear what you’re telling me?”

These are two questions that are the most popular.  In our practice, the number of people that stay awake and fall asleep are 50/50. Similarly, the number of people that hear us and do not hear us are 50/50. Either way, hypnotherapy reaches the subconscious mind assuming you are willing to let the process help you.  We always tell clients that if they feel like they want to stop listening or doze off to feel free to do so.  Many clients ‘drift’ in and out of hearing us.  No matter what you hear, the message is still received by your subconscious mind.

Many clients due to stress, anxiety and depression have a very tired body. The effects of what they are going through can cause a lack of sleep and many times exhaustion. The Hypnotherapy process helps your mind to finally slow down, let go and relax. Many clients in their first visit experience a relaxation level they have not experienced in years.

Therapeutic hypnosis 100% different than stage show hypnosis

Stage show participants are looking to lose control.  Therapeutic hypnosis is completely different.

When a person agrees to participate in a stage show, they are practically checking their dignity at the edge of the stage as they walk up. They are agreeing to participate in the antics and ‘show’ nature of what happens. So when they are asked to do something and considering they walked up of their own free will to participate, why wouldn’t they do the thing they are asked?

Meridian Peak Hypnosis follows the guidelines of the National Guild of Hypnotists

Meridian Peak Hypnosis Hypnotherapists practice using the guidelines of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), a worldwide organization for the practice of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. The guidelines and practices from the Guild have helped us to maintain a perfect safety record over the years.

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