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How Fast Can You Enter Hypnosis?

hypnosis instant induction

Our Director of Meridian Peak Hypnosis, Marc Holm, demonstrating an instant induction.

Many of our clients come into our office fascinated by hypnosis and what they’ve seen.  Some have attended stage shows while others see videos on Youtube of people within the snap of a finger entering the hypnotic state. We answer many questions about how this is done and “is it real?”

The answer simply is: “yes, it is real — they were hypnotized that quickly.”

The mind has an amazing ability to create a quick “opening,” allowing the Hypnotherapist to access it long enough for one word to get in: “SLEEP” which our mind knows as the command to enter the hypnotic state.

What is a Hypnosis Induction?

A hypnosis induction is the part of a hypnosis session that involves the Hypnotherapist helping guide your mind to enter the state of hypnosis. There are many ways for the mind to enter hypnosis, but they can be categorized in two ways:

Progressive Relaxation – where your mind slows down gently and easily and drifts away – very similar to falling asleep at night, but falling asleep is not required to achieve hypnosis (this is the method Meridian Peak Hypnosis uses for in-office client sessions).

Rapid Induction – what you have have seen in Youtube videos where someone suddenly yells “SLEEP!” and the person enters into hypnosis, usually collapsing their head or entire body within 1-2 seconds. Many times this is done in combination with an arm or hand being pulled one way or another.

Because of the safety issues involved in pulling someone’s arm or hand — we do not use rapid inductions at Meridian Peak Hypnosis. Progressive Relaxation is a touch-free method that helps clients to enter more deeply into the hypnotic state and allows better access to the subconscious mind without the risk to client’s arms, wrist, hands and especially: their neck and shoulders.

Progressive relaxation is our preferred method and we see great results from our clients. Progressive relaxation also helps the body to physically relax during the process in our antigravity relaxation chair which helps the mind go even deeper. Compare this to rapid induction techniques that commonly has a person sitting up or standing which creates discomfort in the neck or back as the body slumps over during hypnosis. Sometimes a standing rapid induction even shifts the client’s whole body weight “into” the hypnotist which creates additional safety concerns.

Click play below for a video of our Director of Meridian Peak Hypnosis, Marc Holm, doing a rapid induction:

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