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Jodi Grubman is a NGH Certified Hypnotist at Meridian Peak Hypnosis. Jodi works with clients ages 16 and older on a wide variety of issues and concerns.

Getting married, relocating to a new city where I had exactly zero friends, and then losing my job, all conspired together to send me into a quick downward spiral filled with anxiety and panic attacks. Always quick to look for solutions to a problem, I made an appointment with a psychologist and felt some relief at having a plan in place. After a few visits, my relief faded as I realized the pattern of each appointment was the same – rehash my situation and talk it to death! This strategy wasn’t helping me move forward or reducing my panic and anxiety. At one point she even recommended prescription medication as a solution, but I wasn’t interested. I was already self-medicating at home with plenty of negative habits- wine, nicotine, food, shopping, cleaning, you name it. The last thing I needed was another ’habit’!

Months passed and I was frustrated… really frustrated. Then one day I was talking to a friend back home who mentioned he had just used hypnosis to quit smoking and was able to kick the habit after just one session. You read that right, it’s not a typo – one session. I decided on the spot that I was going to give hypnosis a shot. What did I have to lose? Well, it turns out I had a lot to lose – panic attacks, anxiety, unnecessary stress, bad habits, the list goes on and on. Fast forward six months and it turns out that being hypnotized was the BEST decision I ever made! Who knew that relaxing in a chair for an hour could help me change my habits, my way of thinking, and my life? Initially, I had a few reservations. It seemed too easy. And you know what? After a while, I realized it was easy. And. It. Worked. I also struggled a bit with the cost. But when I started tallying up all the money I spent each week taking care of the ‘outside’ – hair appointments, manicures, pedicures, gym memberships, etc., I realized hypnosis, which focuses on the ‘inside’, was actually much cheaper! Why wouldn’t I want to spend a little money to work on my mind, my self-love, my habits, my life?

Over time, I became a huge believer in the laws of attraction and the subconscious mind. Now, I specialize in change work-where we take something that YOU want to change and go deep into the subconscious mind to introduce a new way forward. Working directly with the subconscious mind through relaxation (hypnosis) helps to free the mind of limited thoughts, and increases feelings of happiness and freedom. It feels like me reading you a bedtime story for an hour! My great passion in this life is helping people. I take great pride in working with clients to help their subconscious mind break old patterns, realize existing resources, and learn how to utilize them to manifest their happiest life ever!

I have been trained by the best of the best in different modalities and am certified under the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), as well as the Center for Integrative Hypnosis in New York City.  I work with all clients ages 16 and older.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing these life-changing tools with you so you too can change your world!

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