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Pairing together life coaching and hypnosis makes for an amazing combination and result. See yourself change more easily as hypnosis helps you break through barriers and achieve your goals.

Are you looking for a Life Coach in Naperville?

Life Coaching is a one-on-one collaboration that helps identify your strengths, eliminate blocks and map out a route to achieving everything you ever dreamed.  We work together within your value system so you are empowered to take steps to reach your goals.  Life Coaches are an advocate, sounding board, mentor, impartial confidant and accountability partner.

A Life Coach supports you along your journey, keeping you on track and aimed directly where you want to be.

A Life Coach listens to where you are, where you want to be and what the roadblocks are.  Throughout the life coaching process we uncover hidden and untapped resources, creating an updated strategy for your success.  Life coaches challenge you with thought-provoking ideas and questions that lead you to discover answers that exist within your values and belief system.

Is hypnosis required?

We do not require life coaching clients to use hypnosis, however we highly recommend it so you can make bigger gains in a fewer number of sessions.

Traditional life coaching only addresses your conscious mind which only has a 7% chance of success for change.  Hypnosis goes deeper into your subconscious mind which is where true change actually happens.  A study by American Health Magazine shows hypnosis is 93% effective because of its ability to tap directly into your subconscious mind.

You’re ready to make the next step

Some clients like to meet with us first and have a life coaching session without hypnosis, then after careful consideration agree hypnosis is a good way to jump-start their action plan.  Others decide to continue simply meeting with us one-on-one for life coaching and if that is what they believe will work best we always support that decision.

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Initial Visit (90 mins)

Initial Visit (90 mins)

Initial Visit (90 mins)

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