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Lisa Murphy is a NGH Certified Hypnotist at Meridian Peak Hypnosis. Lisa works with clients of all ages on a wide variety of issues and concerns.

Changing people’s lives for the better is the reason I became a Hypnotist. The hypnosis process is so gentle that it allows you to realize that you DO have control and YOU CAN RECLAIM IT.

I work with clients to see the choices that really supported them. Through hypnosis, we un-learn limitations and work towards creating a life with what you want in it. With this perspective, we see each step while managing stress in a healthier and more productive manner.

It is so very rewarding to be on a journey with my clients and to celebrate their successes.

I work with clients of all ages to help create new pathways to increase happiness, self-confidence and success while thinking more objectively. I especially enjoy working with children and teens ages 5 and up helping to build their confidence, self-esteem and self-love that allows them to increase success in school, academics, sports and socially. I am experienced with helping children and teens that have learning disabilities and social challenges on how to improve their motivation and how they think directly affects how they feel and their actions.

My journey with this modality began at a young age growing up in a toxic and extremely volatile home environment with abuse. I learned at a young age how to harness my inner voice and not allow negative influences to impact me. If our thoughts are predominantly negative or unhealthy, it’s easy to see how we can find ourselves in a rut, reactivating endless negative neural pathways, or succumbing to the negativity bias that already exists organically in the brain. It is also where false narratives, toxic beliefs, stress, fears, overwhelm, and trauma reside; and this what we work with. Hypnosis is a process of ‘unlearning’ what doesn’t contribute to your unique personality, life and goals. Instead the focus is on reinforcing the thoughts, beliefs and actions that support your vision, self belief and dreams. The perspective and the tools of hypnosis have been essential in my own growth throughout my career and personal life.

I am also certified in HypnoFertility® to help families become and stay pregnant. I used hypnosis for my son’s birth where I went through 12 hours of intense labor and delivery without pain medication or an epidural. I used hypnosis techniques in those moments by harnessing my mind to eliminate the pain—all with the power of my mind over my body. I have worked with my clients successfully in managing stress, anxiety, discomfort and even lower A1C numbers from gestational diabetes to maintain a healthy pregnancy and relaxing birthing experience. Helping women and couples realize their dreams of being a parent is the most rewarding mission of my practice.

My approach with my clients is with a high level of integrity and compassion. Hypnosis creates a safe and comfortable space to uncover and reinforce unique strengths and work at the source—the subconscious—to create lasting change.

I look forward to meeting you! Feel free to call (630) 686-2626 ext. 106, contact me via e-mail or send a text message to (630) 423-7332. To schedule, click the type of appointment you’d like below to go to our online scheduler to find a time that works for you:

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