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Narcissistic Traits and ADHD Overlapping – How?

narcissist and ADHD overlapping personality traits hypnosis can help

Meridian Peak Hypnosis helps clients with narcissist habits as well as ADHD. Many of these traits can actually appear to overlap. We help clients from anywhere in the world move past these habits and responses.

NPD and ADHD diagnoses are given however, due to overlapping symptoms and parallels between narcissistic and ADHD tendencies, it is also feasible for both to be mistaken for one another. For instance, whereas someone with NPD may appear uninterested in a conversation because they lack empathy for others, someone with ADHD may do so because they are frequently distracted.

If you’re asking if it’s possible to have an ADHD and NPD diagnosis, the answer is yes. Research shows having ADHD as a child or adult increases the risk of developing a variety of other mental health issues, such as personality issues. These personality issues are characterized by impulsive, dramatic, and attention-seeking characteristics, have been explicitly related NPD.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) Symptoms  vs. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Symptoms

NPD includes habits, actions and reactions begin in the way the person thinks, feels and responds to their wider life. Issues related to NPD include more attention seeking behavior, more exploitation/abuse of others and more social/emotional issues such as grandiosity and arrogance.

ADHD symptoms can make people forgetful, easily distracted, and off-task, which can cause issues at work, in the classroom, and even in daily life. Despite the fact that persons with NPD frequently struggle with these similar tasks, these tendencies are connected to other characteristics like impulsivity, a lack of empathy, entitlement, or an inability to compromise.

One common trait between both of these sets of traits: both are trying to avoid negative emotions which is a response the subconscious mind regulates. Hypnosis works directly with the subconscious, making it an excellent modality to help create change, which can yield a change in habitual responses to the world.

Hypnosis Helps Create New Habits and Responses to NPD and ADHD

Hypnosis practitioners at Meridian Peak Hypnosis help clients release fear, anxiety and/or depression while most importantly: replacing them with new responses. The hypnosis process works with the subconscious mind which regulates automated behaviors, actions and reactions which is where the root of both of these conditions have their programming for what to do on autopilot. When the hypnosis process gives the mind a ‘way out’ for what isn’t working the mind is eager to change. Most clients who come to us have, usually for many years, been using therapies that do not accomplish this.

When the mind has what doesn’t work removed and it is replaced we new positive responses, actions and reactions, we see the outcomes the client wishes to achieve.

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