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Wednesday, January 2, 2019 from 7:00-8:30pm with Marc Holm
The Ruah Center – 1110 N. Washington St., Naperville, IL  60563
Presented by Meridian Peak Hypnosis
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For questions, call (630) 686-2626 ext. 159 or e-mail: [email protected]
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hypnosis manifesting group session

Sample vision board used at our group session at the Ruah Center.

Clear the way to create and live a vivid, extraordinary 2019 that you love. This workshop focuses on New Years Resolutions, well-being, abundance and success through hypnosis and manifesting.

In the first section, we will go through the manifesting process and participants will build their own vision board (as seen in the movie “The Secret”).

Then in the second section we will use the power of hypnosis to take the manifested ideas and guide the subconscious mind to take action and be open to those outcomes.

Start the year off on the right foot with focusing your subconscious mind on the outcomes you desire and deserve.

This group hypnosis session helps you bypass the average of only 25% that keep their New Years resolutions. Most people keep their New Years resolution using pure will power, and that’s why they have a 75% chance of failure.

Hypnosis bypasses the conscious mind and gets new ideas and patterns deep in your subconscious which is where true change happens.

This group hypnosis session is designed for all levels. If you’ve never experienced hypnosis before this is a great way to get introduced to its amazing abilities to help improve your life.

This is a great opportunity to share an experience with a family member or friend.

We look forward to seeing you at this group hypnosis event.

Because the boards are built and customized to each attendee, pre-registration and non-refundable payment is required for this event.  Registration required by 12/31/2018.