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New Year Resolutions: Why People Fail

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See how easy change can be using the power of hypnosis!

Many fail their New Year’s resolutions because of the essence of making the change itself. Whether your desired change is to quit smoking, lose some weight, get fit, or anything else, success all comes down to the reasons and motivation for making that change. Many fall into the trap of getting caught up in the excitement of the ‘new year, new direction’ scenario. Society in particular makes a lot of fuss about this to the point where it is almost expected of each and every one of us to make a change come the 1st January each year. There is an element of pressure to this, as your friends, family and people around ask what you are going to change this new year. Many people are left in a situation where they are not properly prepared or motivated to see through a resolution, rather are doing it because they feel they have to.

What It Takes for Real, Long-Lasting Change

Permanent ongoing change is best made for the right reasons. You have to really want to change first. Simply making a decision to follow the crowd and start a resolution, knowing full well at some subconscious level that you won’t follow through, is a pointless endeavour. Most significant change is made on a high emotion – positive or negative. This means the stronger the emotion or attachment, the greater the reason you have to change.

Hypnosis is a Tool to Facilitate Change

Using hypnosis, it is possible to reinforce your decision to make a change, and implement this throughout all parts of your mindset. Our practitioners build foundations during your sessions to better facilitate this change. This may include getting you to visualize a situation where you have achieved your goal, and then really locking this in on every level. Hypnosis helps create strong positive emotions to help facilitate the change you desire and deserve.

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