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Experience Hypnosis From Anywhere In The World

online hypnosis groups

Online Hypnosis Groups give you the convenience of experiencing hypnosis in the comfort of your own home environment at a fraction of the cost of working one-on-one with a practitioner.

Meridian Peak Hypnosis uses the Zoom conferencing program/app to connect hundreds of members of the online group from anywhere in the world into a single/online environment where our hypnosis practitioner can lead an online session for the group.

From 2013-2018 our practice offered in-person group sessions of up to 35 people at a time. Our online group hypnosis sessions expands the availability of our group sessions worldwide with expanded topics.

Be Ready To Get The Most From Each Group Session

We recommend entering the Zoom conference environment 15 minutes prior to the start time to be sure you can connect and have everything setup for a prompt start

• Have the Zoom app downloaded onto your phone, tablet or PC with a username created and ready to go
• Check your e-mail for an updated Zoom conferencing link

• A quiet place at home including:
    • A recliner, sofa or bed where your whole body can relax — especially your neck, head and lower back
    • Headphones (makes all the difference!)
    • A charged device or power plugged into to your device
    • A warm blanket (your blood pressure drops as you relax and the blanket makes all the difference so you have a deeper experience)
    • A pillow under your neck/head
    • Uncrossed legs so your body feels more relaxed and free
• Your cell phone with system sounds and inbound calls disabled so you’re undisturbed

Calendar and Session Topics

Click Here for the Current Session Calendar and Topics
The schedule and session topics are posted at least one month in advance

Your Online Group Hypnosis Subscription Makes It Easy and Keeps Costs Down

Meridian Peak Hypnosis offers many different groups to focus your hypnosis experience so its more tailored to your goals. You can purchase an online group session pass online: