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Be Ready for Success By Having These Items Completed

Being prepared for your session ensures you get the most benefit and make the most progress. Use the checklist below to be sure you are ready for your appointment:

• Have your electronic intake form completed.  Click here to access the electronic intake form.
• Please submit payment prior to your session.  Click here for our secure online payment portal.
• Please turn volume to silent on any device you are using. Even the vibrate setting can be disturbing.
• If you are using a cell phone, turn the do not disturb on before your session.
• Make sure your device is fully charged before your session. This includes wireless headphones.
• If possible, leave your iPhone, iPad or computer plugged in during the session to ensure we do not become disconnected.
• Pets, children and other adults should not be present during your session.
• Notify household members you will be in session and request the need for privacy and quiet.
• Find a comfortable place in your home: either a couch, bed, recliner, etc. Someplace that you can rest your back, neck and head works best. We do not recommend upright chairs.
• Earphones, earbuds are highly recommended, but not mandatory.
• Your practitioner will initiate a call to you at your appointment time via FaceTime, Zoom, Skype etc. on the number/ID that you specified on your intake form.

If you have questions before your session, please e-mail us at: appointments@meridianpeakhypnosis.com