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Vaping Has Gone From A Cigarette Alternative To A Dangerous Problem

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Meridian Peak Hypnosis helps clients around the world quit vaping using the power of hypnosis.

For many people, vaping was an exciting substitute for cigarettes, promising a “healthier alternative” to smoking. But for many who have quit smoking, vaping can turn into an even bigger problem than smoking was. Science now shows the habit of vaping has negative effects on both your physical and mental health.

Some common names for vaping devices include e-cigs, e-cigars, e-hookah, vapes, vape pens, E-Go, APV (Advanced Personal Vaporizers) and Cartomizers. Vaping is popular among young people with vaping devices easily available and having attractive designs. E-liquids are designed to be flavored and taste good, however they have harmful effects on the physical body and our brain’s cognitive ability.

Health Effects of E-Cigarettes and Vaping

E-cigarettes expose the lungs to a variety of chemicals from the e-liquid, additives and chemicals produced during heating. A study of some e-cigarette products demonstrate that the aerosol produced by e-cigarettes contain known carcinogens, toxic chemicals, and toxic metal nanoparticles from the device itself. There are no FDA regulations in the manufacturing of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids. More research is required to determine the health consequences of repeated exposure to chemicals produced by e-cigarettes.

Hypnosis Can Help You Break the Habit of Vaping

Hypnosis works directly with your subconscious which is where the habit of vaping is stored in your mind. This is where your automated actions are triggered. While in the hypnotic state, our hypnosis practitioners work to plant strong suggestions in the mind that help a person to alter their behavior in a safe, natural, drug-free way. While the suggestions may vary, their effect is the same. It is to turn the experience of vaping into something that they want to avoid.

The suggestions may range from altering the taste or perception of the vaping process itself. By replacing anticipation with hesitation, it allows the mind to consider alternatives and not fall into the same habits that led to the vaping. 

Hypnosis introduces new habits and helps put away the old ones so a person alters their behavior. Hypnosis creates new habits that benefit your health and well-being.

Hypnosis is proven more effective than traditional counseling

In a study in American Health Magazine, hypnosis and hypnotherapy have a 93% success rate compared with lower results from other methods of therapy which require far more sessions.  Click here to learn more about hypnosis and its high success rate.

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