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What Is Self Care?

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Hypnosis is a tool that helps you improve your self care habits and routines. We work with clients both in-office and from anywhere worldwide. Use our online scheduler anytime 24×7 to schedule your appointment.

Self care is a deliberate practice for your well-being focusing on practices that help you grow physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, intellectually, spiritually, professionally and environmentally. Self care activities are crucial for reducing and eliminating stress, feeling resilient and creating the feeling and outcomes that you are constantly growing.  Self care is believed to be a critical component in maintaining good mental well-being.

By incorporating self care into your life, you create a foundation for improving your life and outcomes. Self care requires acknowledging the importance of tending to your needs first no matter what life has coming your way.

Examples of self care include:

Physical Self Care – taking good care of your body (hygiene, giving it what is needed to grow), engaging in physical activities you enjoy, prioritizing adequate sleep for your well-being
Emotional Self Care – establishing healthy boundaries in relationships, protecting your emotional space, having good emotional awareness
Social Self Care – nurturing the right relationships and connecting with friends and family regularly, setting aside time for activities you enjoy
Intellectual Self Care – keeping your mind stimulated with new things, hobbies or interests
Spiritual Self Care – engaging in practices that align with your beliefs, reflecting on your values as a bedrock of your being
Professional Self care – setting realistic work boundaries, taking breaks and vacations to recharge and having a healthy work-life balance
Environmental Self Care – creating a safe/comfortable living or working space, spending time in nature to rejuvenate and enjoy

Self Care is Important

Making self-care a priority is essential, not optional. People frequently overlook their own needs in the continuous pursuit of their personal and professional goals, which can result in burnout and deteriorated mental health. Consistent self-care practices can revitalize the body and mind and promote resilience. Self care is a foundation for feeling confident and successful.

Hypnosis Helps Change Self Care Habits and Routines

Hypnosis is a powerful force in elevating self-care. Hypnosis serves as a catalyst for deep relaxation, diminishing stress and nurturing mental well-being. Meridian Peak Hypnosis practitioners help clients access their subconscious, fostering positive beliefs and transformative mental and behavioral shifts. Hypnosis enhances self-reflection and amplifies mindfulness and stress management/elimination techniques. By unlocking the mind’s potential, hypnosis is an ally, promoting a holistic and positive approach to self-care, leading to growth in mental and emotional well-being.

How Hypnosis Helps

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation and heightened focus, creating the right environment for the subconscious mind to release what does not work and most importantly: replace with new feelings and habits that do work. Through hypnosis, help individuals reframe negative thought patterns, enhance self-love and confidence. Hypnosis provides a safe and supportive environment for exploring and transforming habits into new ones that serve you.

Hypnosis makes improving self care habits and routines easier than you ever imagined.

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