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Meridian Peak Hypnosis works with clients from anywhere with an Internet connection. Use your computer with webcam, iPad, iPhone, Android or any other mobile device to connect with us and experience the life changing power of hypnosis.

Meridian Peak Hypnosis Connects via Skype to Anyone, Anywhere in the World

Hypnosis, hypnotherapy and life coaching are available world-wide via Skype.  Skype makes it possible for our hypnosis practitioners to work with you to achieve your goals from wherever you are around the globe.  As long as you have an internet connection, a computer, iPhone, iPad, Android or any other mobile device — we can work with you.

Hypnosis has an amazing ability to help with so many different areas for improvement.  Click here for a comprehensive list of conditions hypnosis can help you improve.

While some clients have 100% of their sessions with us via Skype, other clients who come in the office use Skype while they are on vacation or travelling for business to keep their progress on-track.

Hypnosis via Skype is Easy

While some of our clients who work with us via Skype are long distances from our Chicagoland location, others just prefer the comfort of their own home.  Traffic jams and being late disappear when you work with us via Skype.  Many also find that being in their own home makes them feel safe and secure.  Some clients have concerns or physical limitations and find having their hypnosis session via Skype is an option that works best for them.

What happens in a Skype Hypnosis Session

Skype sessions are very similar to a session in our office.  We will talk with you at the beginning to understand the concern and help you to relax so your subconscious mind becomes accessible so we can give you suggestions — the change you desire to have happen.  We are positive, empowering and uplifting in all of our interactions with you.

The hypnosis practitioner has a headset with a high quality microphone so the audio you hear in your location is clear and crisp.  We recommend having a quiet place to relax where there are no distractions so you can relax and get the most out of your session.

Achieve the Change you Desire & Deserve Today!

Its never been easier and safer to experience hypnosis in the comfort of your own home.  You can choose the hypnosis practitioner you’d like to work with and a convenient time that works for your schedule.  We offer daytime, evenings and weekend appointments.  We are very flexible with clients in different time zones around the world.

You're Ready to Schedule Your Appointment

We can work with you in-office, via phone, via Skype or via Apple Facetime worldwide. Scheduling is fast and easy online. We are happy to answer questions at anytime by calling our office or send an e-mail to: questions@meridianpeakhypnosis.com.

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Marc Holm, CH

Initial Visit (90 mins)
Follow-Up Visit (60 mins)
Jodi Grubman, CH

Initial Visit (90 mins)
Follow-Up Visit (60 mins)

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