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What is the Subconscious Mind?

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Hypnosis is a powerful tool to make changes in the subconscious mind which regulates automated behaviors, actions and reactions. Meridian Peak Hypnosis helps clients from anywhere worldwide.

The part of our brain processes that happens below the level of our consciousness is known as the subconscious mind. Our automatic behaviors, emotions, beliefs, and attitudes are managed by it. It is also believed that the subconscious mind influences our dreams, creativity, intuition, and capacity for problem-solving. The subconscious mind analyzes information at a deeper level than the conscious mind, frequently using associations, patterns, and emotions to make sense of the world around us. The conscious mind is in charge of our rational and analytical thinking. The majority of what we do and how we react is regulated by the subconscious.

How is the Subconscious Mind Taught? How Does It Learn?

The Subconscious Mind Learns By Emotion
The subconscious mind can be conditioned by repeated experiences, suggestions, and affirmations. It plays a significant role in determining our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It is also believed to be the source of our fundamental ideals and principles, which might influence how we see ourselves and the world. For the subconscious mind to learn something new, it has to experience the new thing on a feeling level. Facts have a low success rate. This is why facts usually don’t create change. When you feel something different, then change becomes almost automatic.

How Hypnosis Helps Make Changes in the Subconscious Mind

The purpose of hypnosis is to access the subconscious mind and create beneficial changes. People can do this to remove and change bad habits, lessen tension and anxiety, and accomplish their objectives more successfully in an almost automatic way. When the body has a habit that doesn’t serve or a response that doesn’t feel well, the subconscious mind is running a toxic program. Hypnosis gives this toxic program a ‘way out’ and most importantly: replaces it with a new program that serves the body and promotes health and well-being.

What Does a Hypnosis Practitioner Do?

A hypnosis practitioner helps as a guide to this process. While the movies and Youtube make it look like a person who practices hypnosis “does” hypnosis “to” you, it is in fact the opposite. A hypnosis practitioner guides you through a new way of thinking that you are 100% on board with in terms of your beliefs, preferences and goals and helps you replace toxic programs with new ones that help you achieve your goals.

Hypnosis Helps You Make Changes in a Powerful Way

Many times we become wrapped up in “how” to switch-on the tools to feel empowered. Hypnosis bypasses the “how” and helps you develop a new way forward in an automated way. What many counseling and coaching methods turn into an uphill climb, hypnosis simply bypasses. You can feel more empowered in a more automated way without debating ‘how’ to accomplish it. Hypnosis is a powerful tool to empower yourself and move forward with a new, energized feeling.

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