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Surgery Anxiety & Fear – Hypnosis Is A Tool To Prepare You To Heal Better

hypnosis helps you prepare for surgery and heal easier

Surgery patients can address anxiety, fear and stress about upcoming surgery and recovery using hypnosis. We work with surgery patients worldwide. Schedule your appointment online today.

For many, preparing to undergo surgery can cause anxiety, fear or tension. An unfamiliar situation like this can cause you to be concerned about the outcome, a lack of control or be concerned about how you’ll feel afterward. What the recovery may be like afterward can also cause distressing emotions and at their extreme it can cause patients to cancel or avoid essential medical and/or dental procedures that are needed for their well-being.

Signs Its Time To Do Address Surgery Anxiety and Fears

• Avoiding a medical procedure
• Racing heartbeat, sweating, nausea/nervous stomach, shortness of breath when thinking about the surgery
• Problems sleeping
• Medical issues that continue for months or years that are un-dealt with

Hypnosis Provides Essential Support For Surgeries

Hypnosis helps prepare your mind for both the procedure and your recovery from it. Hypnosis is a completely natural, effective and proven method to reduce fear, anxiety and tension in the body so you go into and through both the process and recovery with a relaxed, positive state of mind. Research shows patients that use hypnosis to prepare for surgery can experience these benefits:

• Reduced fear, anxiety and tension before surgery
• Require less anxiety medication before surgery
• Less pain during and after surgery
• Require less pain medication after surgery
• Experience less nausea and vomiting post-anesthesia
• Feel less tired afterward
• Have a shorter hospital stay due to faster healing and fewer complications

Recommended: Start 6 Weeks Before Your Procedure

While we can help clients in any timeframe before a procedure, we recommend contacting us 6 weeks before a procedure to gain the maximum benefit of working with our practitioners. This allows the mind time to ‘sink in’ a new way of thinking and feeling about the procedure that is coming up.

Hypnosis Works With Your Mind’s Automated Behaviors, Actions and Reactions

Our method is the only modality that has a ‘home run access’ to this part of your mind. This is why our clients report change to be so much easier than traditional counseling or will-power. We work with the part of the mind holding on to limiting thoughts and give those thoughts a ‘way out’. Then we replace them with new pathways and automated reactions that serve your health’s highest good.

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