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What Is Toxic Masculinity?

hypnosis for improving toxic masculinity

Hypnosis is highly effective at improving toxic masculinity. Hypnosis sessions with Meridian Peak Hypnosis are available worldwide with easy online scheduling.

Toxic masculinity involves cultural pressures for men to behave in a certain way. Toxic masculinity refers to the notion that some people’s idea of “manliness” perpetuates domination, homophobia, and aggression.

Toxic masculinity isn’t just about behaving like a man. Instead, it involves the extreme pressure some men may feel to act in a way that is actually harmful.

There are many definitions of “toxic masculinity. Experts agree toxic masculinity has three core components:

Toughness: men should be physically strong, emotionally disconnected and behaviorally aggressive.
Antifeminity: men should reject anything considered to be feminine, such as showing emotion or accepting help.
Power: men must work toward obtaining power and status (social and financial) so they gain the respect of others.

What Does Research Show About Toxic Masculinity?

After more than 40 years of research, the American Psychological Association (APA) suggests toxic masculinity is psychologically harmful both to the male and to others they are in contact with. Toxic masculinity discourages men from getting mental health treatment. Depression, anxiety, substance abuse and mental health problems can be viewed as a weakness. Toxic masculinity also stresses an inappropriate behavior by talking about their feelings. Avoiding conversations about problems or emotions can increase feelings of isolation and loneliness. A toxic masculinity engaging person may not reach out when they are experiencing a mental health issue.

Hypnosis is a Powerful Tool to Reduce and Eliminate Toxic Masculinity

Hypnosis works directly with your subconscious mind which is the automated part of you that acts and reacts. In the hypnotic state we can help release connections to toxic masculinity and replace them with feelings of relaxation and better connections in relationships. The hypnotic process is very helpful in releasing thought processes that lead to toxic masculinity and most importantly: replacing them with thoughts, habits and feelings that do serve you.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool to reduce and eliminate toxic masculinity.

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