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Weight management is psychological

Hypnosis is a powerful tool to retrain your brain to think and feel thin and healthy. Hypnosis is 100% natural, prescription free and has no side effects, other than weight loss!

The only replacement for life-long dieting is a healthy perspective and attitude toward food and exercise.  Hypnosis creates a new attitude toward all aspects of eating including planning, shopping for food, making good decisions when you cannot eat at home, exercising and most importantly: your thoughts and words and how you feel toward your own self.

Managing your weight is an exercise in:

• Adopting the mindset of a thin/skinny person
• Programming your mind with weight loss goals
• Boosting your magnetism toward healthy foods
• Exercise motivation
• Keeping your weight management goals in the forefront
• Always thinking about the outcome before taking any action

Weight management hypnosis makes all the difference

Hypnosis resets your attitude and relationship with food as you see your thoughts and words change.  Therapeutic hypnosis makes it easy for you to shift away from self-doubt and negative thoughts, replacing them with your ability to achieve all of your goals automatically, effortlessly and easily.

See how hypnosis can significantly impact the direction of your life. Become more and more focused on your goals, make progress, enjoy a greater feeling of self worth and satisfaction and see more results from your progress — it’s all possible with hypnosis.

See yourself in a whole new light, allow others to see the glow within you, feel more relaxed around others and feel great from the inside out — its all possible using hypnosis.  Meridian Peak Hypnotherapists craft a custom hypnosis plan that get you feeling better.  99% of our clients report a significant change in how they feel after the first visit.

Weight Loss Hypnosis featured on Good Morning America

Good Morning America featured a woman who lost 140 pounds and kept it off for years.  See how she changed her cravings from fast food to healthy foods.  She went from 287 to 147 pounds.  Click here to watch the hypnosis for weight loss news story on Good Morning America.

Hypnosis is proven more effective than traditional therapies

In a study in American Health Magazine, hypnosis and hypnotherapy have a 93% success rate compared with lower results from other methods of therapy which require far more sessions.  Click here to learn more about hypnosis and its high success rate.

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