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What’s in the name Meridian Peak Hypnosis?

Our Hypnotherapy practice name comes from the positive attributes of the words Meridian Peak:

naperville hypnosis hypnotherapy

Meridian Peak Hypnosis in Naperville, IL looks forward to meeting and working with you

• A point or period of highest development, greatest prosperity or the like.
• Any of the pathways in the body along which vital energy flows
• Indicating a period of greatest prosperity, splendor, success, etc.

• The highest or most important point or level
• The maximum point, degree, or volume of anything

These definitions of the words Meridian Peak describe our goal with every client and we firmly believe in achieving that outcome.  Our goal is your complete success!

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Marc Holm, CH

Initial Visit (90 mins)
Follow-Up Visit (60 mins)
Jodi Grubman, CH

Initial Visit (90 mins)
Follow-Up Visit (60 mins)

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