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Abandonment Anxiety – Defined

abandonment anxiety therapy

Hypnosis is a powerful tool to address abandonment anxiety. Our practitioners work with clients worldwide. Schedule your appointment online today.

Abandonment anxiety are feelings people experience when faced with the idea of losing someone they care about. Everyone deals with death or the end of relationships in their lifetime. Loss is a natural part of life. However people with abandonment issues live in fear of these losses. They may also exhibit behaviors that push people to leave so they’re never surprised by the loss. Abandonment anxiety is often not purposeful, but instead a behavior that has unhealthy consequences. Over time it can ruin relationships and prevent the development of healthy bonds.

Symptoms of Abandonment Anxiety

Cycling through relationships – numerous shallow relationships Fearing intimacy Finding a reason to leave before the other person can Sabotaging relationships Clinging to unhealthy relationships Needing constant reassurance Separation anxiety A fear of being alone

Hypnosis Helps You Build Skills to Address Abandonment Anxiety

The hypnosis process helps you learn release habits and reactions that do not serve you and most importantly, replace them with ones that do serve you. This becomes the new, healthier habit. The subconscious mind that regulates automated behaviors simply has a toxic program running. Our hypnosis practitioners help you replace this toxic program with one that serves your greatest good and helps you feel safe.

Hypnosis Helps You Resolve Old Emotions, Causing You to Respond Differently

Using hypnosis, we can resolve underlying emotions that cause us to react to certain situations. By resolving the subconscious causes for he reactions, we are able to see things more clearly, without them being clouded by previous experiences. This lets us choose our responses, instead of reacting from a place of hurt or fear. The process of hypnosis is simple, and helps us to change the way we experience situations on a subconscious level by rewiring the brain to make alternative connections.

Hypnosis Helps You Make Changes in a Powerful Way

Many times we become wrapped up in “how” to switch-on the tools to feel empowered. Hypnosis bypasses the “how” and helps you develop a new way forward in an automated way. What many counseling and coaching methods turn into an uphill climb, hypnosis simply bypasses. You can feel more empowered in a more automated way without debating ‘how’ to accomplish it. Hypnosis is a powerful tool to empower yourself and move forward with a new, energized feeling.

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