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Jodi is AMAZING! My daughter had been vomiting 6-10 times a day for 5 months. We had seen several specialists, one prescribed a drug that had some troubling side effects. After researching alternative forms of treatment we decided to try hypnotherapy. The BEST decision I ever made! Jodi is so friendly and makes you feel comfortable as soon as you meet her. My daughter started feeling better immediately and after 4 visits her vomiting stopped completely!

I was so impressed with Jodi that I now see her for weight loss and to build my self-esteem. I am beyond thrilled with the changes she has brought to my life.

Scott & Sarah Schroeder

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I recently had a session with Jodi for my public speaking fear and to help give me confidence in front of a room full of people. I was greeted with such a sweet personality and the room had a beautiful ambiance with soothing music and lovely essential oils. The chair reclines all the way back and I was extremely comfortable throughout the session. My session was so relaxing and effective. I had my public speaking event a few days later and I was actually very calm when usually I would be a nervous wreck! I am so happy to have made that apt and I will be booking future appointments!

Kelly Farro

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Lisa is an amazing hypnotherapist. I’ve had several sessions with her and always leave feeling refreshed and positive. She really listens to your concerns, then skillfully guides you into hypnosis and works on the issues you wish to address. She clearly cares about her clients and tailors her sessions to suit their needs. I saw clear results after the first visit, but continue to see her because our sessions are so beneficial. I highly recommend her services.

K. Garwood

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I decided to go to Marc at Meridian Peak to deal with a 4 year alcohol abuse problem. I had tried inpatient rehab (left in tears after 2 days) and outpatient without success, AA, other program group sessions and private therapists also without success and ending in multiple relapses. Marc got to the source of the problem and issues that caused the drinking. So far I am doing very well and I am happier and healthier than I have been in years. I was skeptical in the beginning but was willing to try hypnosis as all else was failing. Now I am happy to yell it from the rooftops about the benefits I am now enjoying after just a few sessions. This therapy works and Marc is brilliant.

Jeanette Byrne

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I signed up for the smoking cessation program and saw Jodi as my hypnotherapist. It was amazing. Jodi was so professional and really was able to tap into the root cause of my smoking and within 3 sessions I was able to fully leave the bad habit behind me for good. I came away from every appointment feeling happy, healthy, and free from the smoking habit. You won’t regret giving them a call.

Elizabeth Catherwood

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My experience with Lisa was amazing! I came in thinking I wanted to work on dissolving blocks I felt I was having around my new business, and generating the kind of income I wanted. I have been spinning my wheels for about a year, not really gaining any traction. Through Lisa’s skillful questioning and conversation, I discovered it was not about money per se, but really having to do with self-worth and value. Lisa’s personality is engaging, and she made me feel completely at ease in our conversation, which really allowed me to open up and be honest with myself. The hypnosis session was very pleasant, and I was completely relaxed and ready to make changes. I like that the sessions are tailored to the individual’s needs. The atmosphere is very soothing, and Lisa’s voice is so calm and enjoyable to listen to. I’ve only had two sessions, and already feel incredibly confident and sure-footed moving forward in the growth of my business! I find myself very focused, full of ideas, and just down right HAPPY and EXCITED about the present and the future. I have one more session scheduled, and look forward to seeing what the next level of positive changes it will bring to me!
Thanks you SO much Lisa! This has been a total game changer!

Sherry Pedersen

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I did hypnosis with Jodi Peterson for smoking. I haven’t smoked since my first session! She gave me lots of methods to stay on path. I liked Jodi a lot she made me feel very safe with this new experience!

Diana Lay

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Really knowledgable therapist that can help you with practically anything. Very satisfied with my results. Highly recommended! 😄

Navin Abraham

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So where does one begin, well for many many years I had the misfortune of developing a ‘Fear of Flying’ actually fear doesn’t quiet sum up the debilitating, anxious ridden, horrid feeling I had with regards flying. It would take every fiber of my being along with Xanax and red wine to take a short flight, 1 in fact in 7 years to get to my grandfathers funeral. I finally decided to do some research and found Hypnotherapy to be a great opportunity to kick this habit/ infliction. After a couple evenings online a came across Meridian Peak, with great reviews, a well thought out web-page and the FAQ’s that I needed answered.

Upon further review I discovered Jodi, and made my appointment.

Now firstly may I add I am a realist and have no time for JuJu doctors, quacks and such so believe me when I tell you Hypnotherapy works.

On the day of my appointment I met the phenomenal Jodi, whose charm, wit and sense of humor were beyond relaxing, she took her time explaining the causes, procedure and realistic outcome.

Day 1- I was open to change and had the “lets make this happen’ opinion. I felt a million dollars leaving and I wanted to test my new found freedom immediately but I had 2 months to go before my next flight. A family vacation to Florida/ Disney with the kids and didn’t want to go 1 step forward 2 steps back.

Day 2 – after some time of reevaluating my internal workings, and being more at ease with the idea/ thought of flying I sat and further discussed with Jodi where I was and how I felt. I to be honest didn’t feel like the world was off my shoulders just yet but understood it was a process.

Day 3- Jodi made this more about me and my life. Where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. The quote that rang through in my head from her was ‘I love myself so much I’m happy, healthy and free’ who doesn’t what that right??

I now felt that it was time to check this irrational fear of traveling in the safest form of transport and put Jodi’s work to the test.

And what do ya know I just spent an amazing 10 days in Florida with a flight to and from Chicago. 3 hours each way with little to no issue, I even managed to sit in the window seat and look out the window a feat I could only once have dreamed about.

So there you have it, all these years living with this pain in my ass, solved with help of one of the greatest people I’ve ever met and I’m glad to share this experience. already looking forward to my next flight…yes I said it ‘Looking forward’ who would have thought it.

I only wish I could give Jodi a 10 star review as she is worth it.

Jimmy McNamara

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I took my 8 year old son to Jodi at Meridian and couldn’t be happier with the results! She was able to hypnotize him easily, as he felt very at ease with her. She has a great bedside manner and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in hypnotherapy. No issue is too big or small for her to help!

Alison V.
Wilmington, NC

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Jodi is wonderful!

Anne M.
Lockport, IL

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Marc’s conversation with me at the first session — I wished I had 20 years ago…it was totally life changing! I’m seeing things that previously gave me anxiety in a whole new way. My anxiety is way down and I’m losing weight which until now has been impossible. Amazing! I wish I did this a long time ago. I am so glad I scheduled my appointment.

Karen H.
Chicago, IL

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I’m so grateful to my friend who introduced me to this place!! In only a few remote sessions with Marc, I experienced a tremendous shift in the way I view the things I cannot control. It has made such a positive impact in my life & how I feel, I wish I had met Marc years ago!! Give it a try, you’ll be so happy you did!

Terry D.
Naples, FL

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Marc is seriously amazing!! He changed my life & I can’t wait to go back to see him! I saw him long term and took a break with school/work but I can’t wait to get back into my sessions. Aside from hypnosis he’s a great life coach & mentor. He provided me with direction at some of my lowest points & helped me figure out what was important in my life. I always left feeling, “high on life” with an improved outlook. My grey world started lighting up with color again!

Daniella S.
Oswego, IL

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Wonderfully  encouraging  people. Hypnosis  is calming but I also enjoy the life coaching. Came here at a very difficult  time in my life when traditional  therapy wasn’t  enough. They are helping me to see the world differently.

Mercedes J.
Romeoville, IL

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Phenomenal with first timers! Really takes the time to explain the concept,  process,  and what to expect during and afterwards.

My teenage son who has Aspergers with severe OCD and anxiety had complete trust and is taking everything to heart.

On my personal visit, I was encouraged to invite happiness and health into my life and left feeling motivated,  happy and inspired.  In comparison after I leaving my psychologist  I’m usually in tears,  frustrated,  and feeling like there was no time to resolve anything.

After just a couple of visits to Meridian Peak, I’ve already seen a positive change in my confidence,  patience, and stress levels.

I definitely recommend trying hypnosis with this group as long as you are open minded and committed to making a change in order to accept the rewarding results.

Kathy P.
Aurora, IL

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I go and see Renata for hypnotherapy.  I have a history of anxiety/depression.  I was feeling very stressed with work and had always been curious about hypnotherapy.  From the very first session, there was a marked difference in my stress levels.  Renata has helped me get past some blocks that I’ve held for years.  I liken her hypnotherapy treatments as eliminating the middle man; the pesky conscious mind, and going directly to the source or root of the matter.  I could have spent ten years in traditional therapy and never seen the progress I attained in just a few sessions with Renata.  My progress was real and noticeable enough that now my sister (a true skeptic) and my best friend now go and see Renata.  My sessions with Renata have been truly life changing.  If you are on the fence, give it a try.  She is wonderful!

Chrissy O.
Chicago, IL

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I wish I had found them sooner!

I had been struggling to find a solution to my ED problem for years.  It was affecting all areas of my life.  I’d been to several doctors  to rule out any physical problems but they just wanted to give me pills.  I dropped 20 lbs and changed my diet.  Nothing worked but  I knew that I could get back my normal libido if I could just find the right approach.

I know that I did the work but Marc gave me the tools.  He was so supportive and professional.  I can’t express what a difference he and this therapy made for me  — and not only in my sex life.  I’m more confident and more positive in all areas of my life.  ED is no longer an issue.

Trevor F.
Chicago, IL

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I tried hypnosis for the first time, for issues related to a crappy break up and drinking..all i can say is, I wish I would of went sooner. Marc is amazing, and I felt changed and enlightened when I left my first session. I am someone who is open to all forms of healing and understanding that sometimes our brains need different types of therapy. I can honestly say, I will be back, to just have the happy experience i felt, after my session was done. Absolutely LOVED it. Would recommend him in a heart beat.

Joanna A.
Chicago, IL

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Marc approached me about 5 minutes prior to my appointment time. I just want to say, right off the bat, this experience was really great!!! Marc is very knowledgeable and is a natural for this. I can say that my mindset has shifted. I came in for help with public speaking and self-confidence. I feel like a weight was lifted from me. Marc has the ability to really tap into what is going on that needs to shift. He takes the time to talk to you and talk through things so he can really get you to a place of understanding yourself better. I highly recommend his services! I can’t wait for my next appointment!!!!

Anna G.
Joliet, IL

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I have had a fear of flying all my life. The anxiety I experienced by simply the thought of being in a tight space high in the air that I couldn’t control kept me from the life experiences I desired. I tried to fly years ago with anxiety medication, but had a horrible experience and never thought I would be able to fly again.

That was before I met Renata. Through life coaching and hypnotherapy, she was able to address the fears and thoughts in my subconscious mind. I just got back from a flight to a wedding I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy without Renata. There was no anxiety before, during, or after the flight. I actually fell asleep there and back! I was so relaxed, calm, and able to enjoy the entire trip. I can’t wait to fly again.

Renata’s coaching didn’t stop with flying. She has helped me take control over my thoughts, feelings, and led me to a path of enlightenment filled with joy and happiness! I look forward to every session with her.

Kathleen D.
Hilton Head Island, SC

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Marc is amazing and so is the hypnotherapy process!  Like others have indicated, I wish I had met him sooner!  He continues to work with me on a variety of issues, but tailors the treatment to my needs during each session.

I have come a long way in healing and greatly reducing my unhealthy alcohol consumption.

Kudos to Marc and his wonderful work.  I will continue working with him throughout 2015 and would recommend him to anyone at any time.

Neal J.
Hinsdale, IL

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I’m currently making major changes in my life. My focus is now on everything that is good in the world. Before I did this, I would never have went to a hypnosis (I’m a person who like to be in total control). That being said; I’m so glad I found him! It is a comforting environment where you feel tranquil and at peace. I left Marc’s office with an even greater joy and I can hardly wait for my next appointment.

I brought my daughter (20y) with me to have a session as well. She experienced a major release and is excited to return.

Rhonda L.
Crown Point, IN

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I went to Meridian Peak Hypnosis looking for solutions and strategies after years of dealing with ineffective therapists, medications and self help books, trying to overcome a series of traumatic events from childhood.    I appreciated Marc’s calm demeanor and his thorough explanation of what hypnosis is, how it works, and how I could heal my life.   After my first session I felt a great sense of relief and happiness I have not felt in years!  My sense of well being continues weeks later.   Things feel possible now and what felt like obstacles in my life now feel removed.  I will definitely continue to see Marc at Meridian Peak Hypnosis for continued natural empowering help!

Lynn S.
Batavia, IL

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My life was not what I wanted: I was smoking too much, couldn’t find a job I was passionate about, my marriage was falling apart and I was in a funk and thought I would start a change with quitting smoking. I went originally to hypnosis for that but after talking with Marc (yes, you talk with him prior to your session so he can understand your needs and goals of hypnosis.  Plus, he fully explains what will happen while you are receiving hypnosis),  I put the quit smoking on hold for a few sessions and work on me.  I am not going to go into my whole story but after only a few sessions, I am back to the person I want to be, I am the happiest I have been in years, I have less stress (I still have the same stressors but the way I look at them and deal with them are totally different hence less stress), and I am three weeks into a new job that I love and pays well too.

All is going in the right direction except for my marriage.   That is still not in a great place but I have learned that I can only be in charge of my thoughts, actions and reactions.   I would prefer a better partner and marriage but I am only be the best me and I am happy being a great spouse even if it not appreciated or reciprocated.  Work with Marc and you will understand more.

As for quitting smoking, next session…here I come.

Marie B.
Lisle, IL

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I wanted to share the positive experience that I had through a Hypnotherapy session, I will share it and let my experience speak volumes.

When I considered experiencing Hypnotherapy, I wasn’t sure what I would get out of it.  I thought I would try and see what happens.  I take medication for Hypertension and also sleep aid as-needed.    I find it very difficult to unwind and just feel good about life in general.  I am a person that is very active, hyper and find it very hard to just relax.  As part of an ongoing divorce battle, I find it very hard to unwind and just be positive.

When my session began, I had my hands folded on top of my abdomen.  As I began to listen to Marc’s voice, I breathed and focused on the positive things and let go of the negative.  I was not totally asleep but in a deep trance-like state.  I was able to hear Marc’s voice and listen to his words to obtain total relaxation.  When I opened my eyes, my hands and feet were numb. I was so relaxed that my hands had slid to the sides of me and when I came to, I made a fist and all my knuckles literally cracked — my toes too!  I really achieved total relaxation.

After the session I was so relaxed that I didn’t worry anymore about jumping and getting dinner started.  I took my time and just was calm about life in general. Nothing bothered me.  I drove under the speed limit and just took my time.  I wasn’t aware of that until someone pointed it out to me.   That night I was so relaxed I went to bed without taking my blood pressure pill and the next morning my blood pressure was as if I had taken my pills.  In no way am I suggesting that this is my cure but it sure did calm me and naturally and took me to a place that I could never ever go on my own.  Amazing!

If you are open to positive natural ways of improving yourself, this I must say is the way to go.  I absolutely am in awe how I have felt since the session.

Myrna Martinez
Aurora, IL

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I have always eaten food for happiness and not as a form of survival.  I have tried many diets out there but it always comes down to not having the will power to say no to the foods that make me happy.  Once I learned that Marc was practicing hypnosis I was eager to work with him and try and rid myself of this bad habit.  Also, we decided to work on me being a more positive person.

As I lay back in the chair and listened to Marc’s soothing voice and instantly fell into a deep relaxed state.  I was so relaxed my breathing slowed down and was at the same pace as Marc’s voice.   I wasn’t asleep, and I was fully aware of what Marc was saying to me but incredibly relaxed.  That evening I slept like a baby.

The next morning I felt energized and positive.  If someone was being a negative Nancy I would ask them to be more positive.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not obnoxious positive but I strive to be happy and don’t let the little things get to me as much.  I’ve also noticed a difference in my eating habits.  I’m making more conscience decisions.  If I want pizza I will just watch what I eat all day before that meal and I will not eat the entire pizza.  I also had some snacks in the break room and they would never last back there because I would always eat them throughout the day… well, I haven’t touched them since.  The only reason I know they are back there is because I saw them when I went to grab a plate to heat up my lunch I brought from home (which is something I am now doing more often, making smarter lunch choices).

I am ecstatic about my results.  I’m not starving myself or depriving myself, I am just being more conscientious about my meal choices.  I believe after all the struggle to get to my preferred weight that I will now accomplish this goal.

Tricia Kerrigan
Yorkville, IL

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I would recommend to everyone to check it out and experience it!

Zhanra Kuras
Chicago, IL

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Wonderful, beautiful experience with Marc. Highly recommend.

Karissa Kimble
Chicago, IL

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I visited Meridian Peak Hypnosis a little cautiously – hesitant to believe it would change anything. I was excited, however, to try something new and willing to open my mind and give it a whirl. I walked out a believer! I also walked out with a spring in my step, feeling more confident, powerful and oh so relaxed! Hypnosis was not what I have been led to expect from media representation. Marc Holm creates a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere that allows you to enter hypnosis and experience it fully. I highly recommend you give Meridian Peak Hypnosis an opportunity to change your day – and maybe your life!

Angie Tuttle
Aurora, IL

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You truly need to experience hypnosis to fully understand that it can improve you or the situation that you would like to change in your life. It completely relaxes me so that I can focus on what is important in my life. It allows me to handle stress and negativity in a better manner. I have been to Marc more than once and each time is better than the last. It is a very relaxing experience for me and impacts me in a very positive way. Whether you want to lose weight, quit smoking or change your perspective on things, hypnosis can help you accomplish it. I highly recommend Marc Holm of Meridian Peak Hypnosis to you.

Kim Wohead
Oswego, IL

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I’ve recently been diagnosed with hypertension and have started on BP med. To address and deal with the stress in my life, I’ve had two sessions with Marc. After both sessions, I felt calm and relaxed. Marc didn’t just go right into the sessions, he took the time to ask questions about me and how I was feeling. I didn’t feel rushed and could feel his genuine care and concern about me. After both sessions I had a sound and peaceful sleep, which is something that has never come easy for me. With Marc’s help, I hope to get off the BP meds and to focus on a positive attitude for both physical and mental health. Marc has an obvious passion to share his talent and positive attitudes with others. Do something good for yourself and book your session today.

Donna Dunley
Aurora, IL

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There will be a personal initial consultation so Mr. Holm could get to know a little about you and gather the information to design a custom session just for your needs. I found my session to be comfortable, casual and fun.

Bea Dunton

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Makes you feel very comfortable and explains everything he is going to do. It was a very good experience.

Antonia Carrasco

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Marc was great – he explained how hypnotherapy works and what I could expect. He put me at ease and I was very comfortable once our session started.

Elizabeth Gindt

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Marc is wonderful!

Shirley Harrison

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