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Anticipation Anxiety Definition

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Anticipating events can bring enormous stress and anxiety. Hypnosis offers a replacement method for the mind that creates new pathways and new outcomes. Meridian Peak Hypnosis works with clients worldwide. Use our online scheduling 24×7 to schedule your appointment today.

Anticipation anxiety develops when expecting a potential future occurrence or circumstance. Even when there is no immediate threat or danger, it involves feelings of unease, concern, and fear about what might occur in the future. People who have anticipation anxiety worry frequently and concentrate on the undesirable outcomes or probable difficulties connected with the impending event, increasing stress and tension.

Anticipation Anxiety Symptoms

• Elevated heart rate
• Perspiration
• Trembling
• Gastrointestinal discomfort or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
• Headaches
• Racing thoughts
• Difficulty focusing
• Impatience
• Restlessness
• Sleep difficulties

This kind of anxiety frequently develops before key life events including job interviews, medical operations, public speaking engagements, and crucial social encounters. When these situations are anticipated, people may experience a fear response that makes them overly anxious about how they will perform or what will happen.

A person’s daily functioning and quality of life can be greatly impacted by anticipatory anxiety because it might cause avoidance behaviors, social disengagement, or obsessive attempts to control the situation.

Anticipation Anxiety is a Rehearsed Response

The subconscious mind regulates automated behaviors, actions and reactions. This part of your mind is your emotional database that mentally rehearses how to respond to situations. The mind uses its past experiences and what it believed worked in the past to try to formulate a response to the present. For many, this previously rehearsed response is simply no longer working. In fact, it is causing the body pain, negative health or relationship outcomes even.

Hypnosis Works Directly With the Subconscious Mind

Hypnosis gives the subconscious mind a ‘way out’ for responses that no longer serve you, and most importantly: replaces them with new responses that work better. Meridian Peak Hypnosis practitioners help by working with you to help feel relaxed and see a new pathway the mind can take that is much easier than before. The majority of our clients in just the first session feel much more relaxed, see a pathway forward and have methods to use that help their change happen without it being a struggle.

It’s time to feel better. Hypnosis can help you.

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